On the plane trip I brought some of my magazines that have been stacking up for a while. I only brought ones I didn’t want to archive, so I could read them and then trash or recycle them as I finished. One of the ones I had was a few months old La Louisiane. It had a cover story about the UL-Lafayette entry in the DARPA Grand Challenge – an impressive looking piece of machinery called CajunBot! As I read the article, I saw a photo and realized that the guy behind the project was one of my professors in grad school – Arun Lakhotia and another one, Tony Maida is also involved. It’s all interesting stuff and there is even a CajunBot weblog (no RSS that I can tell, though.) Even though it was knocked out relatively early, I’m sure that with another year of tweaking it will kick some ass next year. Go Arun, go CajunBot!

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  1. Nick and I read the same article. Like you, he pointed out the photos of Arun and Tony. It’s scary that I even remember their faces and names. Too much time hanging out in the Conference Center!

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