Ask Mr. Bike

Today I go to test ride the Specialized Crossroads that they built for me at Turin Bikes. I liked the one I test drove last week, but the frame was just a little short for me so they have one that should be better for me. As we were discussing it around the office, a coworker had some suggestions that come from a friend of his, known as “Mr. Bike”. One was that when you get a brand new bike, immediately wrap some duct tape around it in places. It makes it look older and reduces the “stealability” of it. He said there is all kinds of this stuff in his book Urban Biker Tricks and Tips and that he runs a website Ask Mr. Bike. From the upcoming appearances on there, I see that he’ll actually be at Turin Bikes a week from tomorrow leading a discussion on how to get from recreational to utility bicycling and doing a book signing. All cool stuff.

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