iPod Wedding Cake

Gizmodo has become my favorite source of tech news, mainly because of the pissy editorializing. On the story of the wedding cake made up like an iPod, Gizmodo had this to say:

Darling, this cake symbolizes our future together, where I will spend hours in isolation listening to my Echo and the Bunnymen downloads. As the DRM of these files forever locks my rights to do as I please, so does this ring symbolize my lack of choice and freedom as we go together, restricted, into the future

I do agree with the point that using the iPod as a symbol of one’s marriage is highly creepy. It seems clueless in the same way as the couples that pick inappropriate songs for “our song” without realizing that they mean the opposite of what they think they do. “Every Breath You Take” is the example the leaps to mind.

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