Best of Dog Times, Worst of Dog Times

Early in the day, things were pretty good in our world with the dog. We spent a little while hanging out around the Northwestern campus, and even had time to frolic by Lake Michigan. All seemed pretty well, a good holiday time being had by all. Later in the evening, that all changed.

I let her out around 9 PM to do her thing. The folks next door have been building a structure on their patio and when I let the dog in I thought that they were doing some tarring on the roof, because there was a powerful stink in the air. Turns out it wasn’t them, it was the dog. Yep, that’s right, she put us through what ever dog goes through once in their life – or perhaps every dog owner goes through once – a full-on skunk spraying. Immediately, we had to mobilize with an emergency run to the Osco to get big ol’ cans of tomato juice. Here is the ignoble moment, caught on film (or at least CCD). It’s been about an hour, and a stench is still stuck in our house despite all the windows being open and all the ceiling fans being turned on full blast. In fact, it stinks so bad in here that I’ve been trying to fart to improve the smell. Wow, what a night. I hope we will be able to sleep through this stink.

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