Skunking to the Beat

Day two of life in Skunkville is not as bad as it could be. The dog herself stinks significantly worse than she did right after the bath last night, but the house isn’t so bad. Because it was storming last night, we had to shut all the windows at midnight and they stayed shut all day. Everything that can open is open now, and everything fan like is spinning. Here’s hoping that positive airflow will make a difference.

I’ve got the Nature’s Miracle Skunk-Be-Gone or whatever it is called. The dog will get a dose of that, as will areas of carpet that seem to be stinky. I’m hoping for good things from this. My hands were skunky from the dog and I rubbed a little on them and now they don’t stink. May this really actually be a “miracle” treatment – we could use a good break right about now.

Multiple people IM’d me today with various levels of hilarity at our plight. People seem to be generally amused by the notion of farting to improve the smell, and also the fact that I described the dog after her tomato bath as “smelling like skunk and gazpacho.”

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2 thoughts on “Skunking to the Beat”

  1. I for one do not mind the smell of skunk. I may quite possibly be insane, however.

    That Nature’s Miracle stuff works great… we use it for the more day-to-day stinks our dog makes. Those I am not into as much, although I’ve seen it on the internet.

  2. Jason! What’s up, dude? I actually seem to be much less bothered by it than D. Even though it is still noticeable, after the first day I didn’t find it unbearable. We’re still airing it out every day. We were having a hard time getting rid of the smell until we realized it had soaked into her collar. We left it outside last night and magically the dog smells much better.

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