Now It Can Be Told

This is going to be a bit scatterbrained so bear with me. I’m just too tired to edit this into coherence but I have been dying to make this post for a week so what the hell. I wanted to wait to say this until I had informed all the proper people – folks I work with do occasionally read this blog. I did all the by-the-book notifications on Tuesday morning. Although I wasn’t in the office today, if this isn’t all common knowledge already it will be shortly. My friend Chris’ guess on what is up #1 was actually almost exactly correct, but I didn’t want to spill the beans by saying that too soon.

Here’s the scoop. My wife will be teaching at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina (about 10 miles from Myrtle Beach.) We’re moving there in the middle of August. For a long enough time to be scary, I had no job and no particular prospects for after the move. That’s a nice area and all, but it ain’t exactly a powerhouse of software development. Fortuitously, in the course of the last few days I fell ass-backwards into a position that will let me lead a team, help steer the technical side of a brand new startup with ambitious goals and boatloads of work to do, and best of all I can do this job remotely from Conway! This is very close to the best of all worlds.

The only downside is that it feels like there is a lot of Chicagoland stuff that we never got close to doing. We have approximately one month left here so in between the frantic activity that is planning a move, we need to get whatever touristing in that we can. This is the right thing to do for us, though.

Every way you slice it, these changes are all for the better. This new gig is something that I would have taken anyway, even if we were staying in town so having it be something I can do remotely is perfect. The Myrtle Beach area is good for us geographically, about 3 hours from each of our families. Plus, where we’ll be living in Conway is walking distance from the cute old downtown area and only about a 15 minute drive from the beach. Working from the house, with groceries and a coffee shop and amenties withing walking and biking distance, I hope for a lifestyle with minimal automobile interaction. Wish us luck. I expect this to be a hoot and a holler!

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5 thoughts on “Now It Can Be Told”

  1. Scott Zrubek says:

    Good luck! This does sound like a great opportunity. I hope it all works out fabulously.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Scott. At this point, it looks like everything is right on track. With any luck it will all work out just fine. I do expect to really enjoy life in Conway.

  3. Steph Marcus says:

    But you just moved!?! Seriously, I’m happy that you and D. are looking forward to the new jobs and location.

  4. Dave says:

    Steph, this was always something that was temporary. D’s post-doc could have been one or two years – she opted for the one year term. It wasn’t impossible that she found a permanent job at Northwestern or in the area, but that wasn’t how it went. It wasn’t unexpected that it went this way. I just wish we had gotten up to Minneapolis to see y’all, because now it is unlikely will be able to in the next few weeks.

  5. Steph Marcus says:

    Yeah… I knew it was a temporary gig, but Nick and I can’t believe how quickly the time flew. If you ever decide to return to the Midwest for a visit, look us up.

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