Counting it down

At this point, I have today plus one week at my current job. There is something weird in the notice and quitting process. The company almost always wants you to stay as long as possible, and often they don’t know why. I’ve been at jobs where they begged me to stay longer even though I didn’t do one productive thing my last two weeks.

Usually I take a perverse pleasure in quitting, but this time I didn’t. I like my boss and while some aspects of the place are completely nuts, in general it is a pretty decent place to work. If it weren’t for the move, I could see continuing on there indefinitely. I would still have taken this current opportunity if it came up, but if the move wasn’t happening I probably wouldn’t have had my resume out there as much as I did.

I turned my Dice resume off the other day because I was getting sick of getting 10 recruiter emails every day, all for on-site jobs in areas outside of my explicitly designated geography. Recruiters can sometimes be necessary, but they frequently can get on my very last nerve. I’ve had so many phone calls that begin “Hi there, I see that you are looking for a job in the Myrtle Beach area but I have this great opportunity in Phoenix …” I have actually fielded that phone call! Usually though, they either play dumb or didn’t pay attention to my geography or plain don’t care. I’ve been inundated with calls and emails about jobs in St. Louis (there is probably one job, but I’ve had 20 recruiters contact me on it), Phoenix, Seattle, McLean VA, Dalton GA, etc. It really gets tiring. Dice has a nice function to pick where you are willing to work, and it has an option for anywhere. It would be nice if these people would bother to look at it. Perhaps they consider whatever job they are pushing so important that obviously anyone should be happy to leave their family and go work at it for a year. I’m glad to be coming off the market for a while. I’m burned out on dealing with the recruiter personality type.

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One thought on “Counting it down”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Since 2001, my resume has said explicitely AT THE TOP that I am seeking a job in intown Atlanta. My website (emblazoned across my printed resume) is ALL ABOUT that constraint. Still I get called about freaking Falls Church VA or Germantown MD or shite like that. I won’t even go to Norcross, much less out of state! Eh, it’s been an employer’s market, they probably think we’re desperate. That’s changing though, the job market is definitely heating up. The Y2K spending hangover is ending …

    Fortunately I don’t claim a shred of C programming experience, so I get to dodge most of the recruiters …

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