For Christmas, my brother got me the DVD of the movie Knightriders. I wrote a little about my history with the film at the time. I watched the movie itself two weekends ago for the first time in a few years. Today I finished watching the film with the commentary track on. I have to say that I think this movie holds up as well today as it did over twenty years ago when I first saw it. I found the experience of rewatching it and hearing the anecdotes of filming it to make me very wistful and melancholy. It’s a melancholy movie, with moments of serious joy and action and others of deep sadness. I still recommend this film highly to everyone. George Romero and friends mention that this film came out around the same time as Excalibur and that Time Magazine preferred this one. I agree with that, I think this film has held up marvelously.

One thing really irked me though. If you follow my link above, you’ll read the anecdote of how weird Tom Savini was when I met him and expressed my admiration for this film. On the commentary track he waxes on and on about how much he loves this film, how much he enjoyed making it and how it was his favorite movie for a long time. What the f? If it was my favorite movie and it was his favorite, then what was his problem? That moment with Savini was such a downer that although I’ve been in the room with him multiple times since, I’ve never bothered trying to talk to him again. He sounded like such a nice guy on the track, but I guess he saves that up for his equals and doesn’t spare that for inferiors like me.

That little moment aside, this is absolutely a fantastic film and should be required viewing for all fans of Ed Harris, all fanciers of Arthurian legend, those who love motorcycles, etc. It will be well worth your time.

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