Time’s Up

It’s my penultimate day of work at this place. I might as well quit being coy, since it’s in my resume which is linked from this site: I’m at Orbitz. In fact, for those who are interested you can finally see something I’ve done in the public functionality. Until recently everything I had done was in the corporate functionality, but now if you search for a flight at the Orbitz website, you’ll see a link that lets you show the “seat maps” for the prospective flights that turn up. I did that – not the seat functionality, but wiring that up to the searching mechanism and doing the stuff so that you can navigate from plane to plane in the subsequent page. Cool, no? Of course, this stuff goes live in the public site one week before I leave, but still.

I’ve started my farewell tour and saying goodbyes. A few hugs were exchanged today, I’m sure there will be a few more tomorrow. By and large, though, it’s been pretty clinical. I’m wrapping things up in a fairly tight little bow and will walk out with pretty clean hands and on reasonably good terms. It’s a new sensation for me to quit a job I am actually enjoying and leave with everyone fairly happy. When your spouse gets a job out of town and you move for it though, that’s a “get out of job free” card.

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