Clearing the Aggregator Decks: Environmental Links

This blog has been heavy on the personal stuff and light on links to cool stuff lately. Here’s the first of a few posts that are collections of interesting links that are building up in Shrook.

Here’s an article on how to hack a flashlight lightbulb with LEDs that will be brighter, last longer and use less power.

Via Worldchanging comes a link to a news story about scientists who recommend growing crops to replace the use of petrochemicals.

Meta-Efficient has an item on using bamboo flooring in lieu of wood. According to them, bamboo floor is more durable than wood and can be harvested in 4 years or less if farmed in plantations, as opposed to the decades it takes to grow mature hardwood trees.

Via WorldChanging comes this fascinating interview with Amory Lovins in which he points out that by increasing our energy efficiency over the last 25 year the amount of energy used per GDP has shrank by 40%, and that shrinkage is our biggest source of energy!

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