Day out in Evanston

I’m on my own in the house today, and I decided to get out on this beautiful day and bike around the city. I just felt like riding by the lake, and when I did I just happened upon Ethnic Arts Festival. I wandered around it for a little while, not buying anything but just kind of gawking and listening to the klezmer band for a little while.

After that, I rode up to the Grosse Point Lighthouse. I’d been meaning to get there for a while and tried to go the other week but the tour was sold out that day. First we looked at the exhibits in the couple of rooms in the restored keeper’s quarters, then we watched a short video on the history of the lighthouse. After that, we walked up the 141 winding steps to the top of the tower and got to see the lighting mechanism, which really was a beautiful brass and glass affair. The whole thing had an ingenious series of prisms and mirrors that focused the light from the sphere of the light into a tight plane that is visible further. While were up there, we also got a nice view of the Evanston lakefront area. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me to record these artifacts and vistas.
After the lighthouse tour, I rode home by another little street festival on Central Street. This seemed like a lot of density of stuff happening all at once, but I guess such is life on the North Shore in summer.

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