Shrook Comes back to Life

A new release of Shrook is out, V2.11, and along with other problems that have been fixed, it seems to have unboned the atom parsing that was boned in the previous release. I had a bunch of feeds that suddenly began coming in empty when I upgraded last time, which was a true pain in the ass. If you look at my blogroll, which is an export of my Shrook subscriptions, that is why there are some duplicates as I temporarily subscribed to a non-atom feed.

One thing that I think that is happening but I’m not sure about is that when an entry is updated, rather than giving me a duplicate entry for that feed, it updates the previous entry and marks it as unread again. That’s better behavior than having some entry that gets updated a lot come in as umpteen separate entries, you just get one that changes along with the information in the feed. I like that much better.

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