More Gaping Void on Creativity

Man, Hugh Macleod is on a tear! He elaborated some more on his entry about putting the hours in and keeping your day job, which I think are the most important of his 12 points about how to be creative. My god he is talking some wise shit now.

I like what he says about not quitting the day job. Usually, that phrase is code for “you are going to fail and then starve to death if you attempt to make a go of your dream.” Hugh believes that quitting the day job unbalances your life and puts too much fiscal pressure on the creative part of you, forcing you to make artistic compromises to keep cash flowing. This is what he calls “The Sex and Cash Theory”. He believes it is better to let the art go where it will without forcing it to feed you when you have a perfectly good source of cash already in your life. Says he:

If I was just starting out writing, say, a novel or a screenplay, or maybe starting up a new software company, I wouldn’t try to quit my job for a year and make this big, dramatic heroic-quest thing about it.

I would do something far simpler: I would find that extra hour or two in the day that belongs to nobody else but me, and I would make them productive. Put the hours in, do it for long enough and magical, life-transforming things happen eventually. Sure, that means less time watching TV, internet surfing, going out or whatever. But who cares?

Wise, wise words.

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