Paul Melancon name change

Well, not Paul himself but his music is now being recorded under a band name. Because he has a problematic name that can be hard to spell (and has that French curlicue letter in it), he is giving up. From here on out, he is recording as The Arts and Sciences, which as best I can tell is the same group behind him with just a new name. Although I’m not wild about the name (which lacks a lot of sex appeal), this is probably for the best. I think this will help him out psychologically, because even though nothing really has changed in the music they play or the group on stage, it’s now abstracted away from being PAUL MELANCON + band to this other entity that isn’t solely the weight of his name. I don’t care, as long as he keeps his catchy songs coming out. As Paul says:

All the depressed, cynical, deceptive pop tunes full of angst and self-deprecation that you’ve come to expect from me will continue unabated. I’ll also continue to play the occasional solo show under my own name.

The new bandname also has a website. Check it out.

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