Oooooooh, We’re Halfway There

All our stuff is on a truck and is heading to South Carolina now, via Michigan and Ohio and wherever else it might be going. I had been on the edge of having panic attacks over the last week and now I have a feeling of complete calm that has descended over me in the last few hours. Originally – me being the spazmo that I am – I had suggested that we get in the cars and drive for a few hours tonight after the truck left. As is not uncommon for me, that was a really stupid suggestion. We’re exhausted, and if we tried to drive we’d probably crash (figuratively first, followed shortly by literally.) Even if we did that, we still wouldn’t get to Myrtle Beach until Monday morning, and doing it this way means that we’ll get there Monday afternoon or evening if we really take our time. Big deal. This is way better. Luckily I was talked out of my poor judgement.

I’m now completely excited to get there. I don’t mind having an 850 mile drive ahead of us. I’m looking forward to making it, in fact. I just want to be there. If we are lucky, the truck will get there the day after we close on the house. That would be nice. For now, we’re just lounging on the floor of our empty house where we shortly will be sleeping. One of our neighbors has an open WiFi link, which we are using to amuse ourselves. Laptops are the only entertainment option we have at the moment. Unlike Mitch Wagner I don’t even have any ethical qualms about it. I’m just thankful that my neighbor has this otherwise I’d be bored off my ass. Thankee kindly, neighbor!

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