Now I’m offline in the empty house, taking a break from running a rented Rug Doctor cleaner over the dirty carpets. I got here at 8 AM to wait on the phone and cable installers. The phone guy has already been here and was so efficient that the first time I knew he was here was when he knocked on the door and told me to try the phone because it should be working. The cable guy called to say he’ll be here around lunchtime, which as far as I can tell could mean anything from now until 2 PM. I’m hoping he won’t freak out about the fact that we have no TV in here. To us, getting the cable modem connection is way more important than the TV. I’m hoping that he can just wire things up, hook up the box and leave it that way. When the TV gets here tomorrow, we’ll know if it worked. If that goes according to plan, then I should be online in a few hours and back on the grid, baby!

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