Shelter from the Storm

Well, now we’ve been through our first hurricane and it wasn’t that bad. Shortly after the previous post we began to get a lot of rain and then strong winds that looked like they could blow down trees. Our patio completely filled up with several inches of water, and one of our shutters blew off the house. We lost first our cable, followed a few minutes later by our power, and those were off for a few hours. They are all back now, our patio is drained and is in fact completely dry now. The sun has even been peeking out here and there. Everything is now fine. I’ve been celebrating our good fortune by wiping out the kitchen cabinets with Lysol wipes.

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2 thoughts on “Shelter from the Storm”

  1. tw says:

    Thank God your Mac was spared from any harm or loss of productivity :>)

    Send some pic’s my way so i can see the new digs.

  2. Dave says:

    Because it was on battery, the Mac was the only thing we had going during the power outage. I wasn’t too worried about the hurricane knocking over the house or doing anything catastrophic, but I was worried about tree limbs breaking windows or ripping utility lines right out of the house. Luckily, none of that happened. It did shut down the pizza buffet place I had my heart set on eating at last night, though. Damn you, hurricane Charley!

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