Welcome Home

The move is over, all the stuff is in our house. It’s almost all in boxes, but it is here. In our typical impeccable timing, 24 hours after the end of the move we will be weathering our first hurricane. It shouldn’t be too bad here, but we might get 50 MPH winds for a short time. They are evacuating Myrtle Beach right near the hotel we were staying at early in the week. Landfall is expected near here right around noon, so we may lose power and/or internet connectivity. Now if we can only find our flashlights and candles, we’ll be alright. We wen’t to the grocery store last night, and other than bread most things were on the shelves and it wasn’t even too busy. There was lots of bottled water still there, so we picked up a few things. My hope is that things won’t be too bad. Wish us luck.

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