So I have been distracted with other stuff this time out, but I have never ever been so uninterested in an Olympics as this year. Usually I have at least some interest and follow some of the events. I just couldn’t care less now. I don’t know why this is. Part of it might be the disillusionment of watching what hosting the games did to Atlanta. I see the Olympics as this corrupt and malign force, one that gets cities to compete for the privilege of being ruined by them. Whatever the cause of my indifference, it is real and as far as I’m concerned, they might as well not be happening.

Update: Via Boing Boing comes this story about how spectators being denied access to the events for having items of non-sponsor brands. This is the kind of thing that dispells for me the quaint illusion of the Olympics as this pure bastion of sport done for love. That may exist at the individual competitor level, but at the organizational level it’s all about the cash. Do what brings the most in, and kiss the ass of the folks who pony up.

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