The Last Moving Post

I’m getting bored writing about it, so I can only assume everyone else is getting bored reading about this move. The way the dog looks in this picture of our empty living room prior to the stuff arriving, that’s how I feel about these moving posts. I promise after this post to move on, subject matter wise. Now that the big dramatic questions like “will the moving truck catch on fire and incinerate all my possessions?” are settled, we are on to more prosaic questions like “which of these 150 boxes contains the toenail clippers?” We’re under no particular time constraint to get unpacked, so as far as I’m concerned it can take as long as it does. Of course, there are always the spot-unpacking concerns when you absolutely have to have the blender right now and of course you don’t think to look in the box with the hedge clippers.

In a comment, Troy asked for photos of the house. This is what my office looked like a few minutes ago. Kind of a relaxing space one can sit in and concentrate no? I’ll post another one after this has been made habitable, as kind of a before and after. Note that although this room is an explosion of boxes and crap, the computers are set up. Of course only the Linux server is on the network because I can’t find the box with the power cords and ethernet cables. You can barely make out off to the right in this photo that I’m attempting a wacky bookcase layout. Although this is a really big room for an office, with the built in cabinets on one wall, the bay window on another and lots of outlets and a window unit airconditioner on another there isn’t a lot of wallspace to set the bookcases against. I can use some of those cabinets to hold books, but what I’m trying to do is set up the four bookcases back to back so that I can get them in a smaller space. This might be an experiment that fails – until the room is more cleared out it will be hard to tell, and I can’t clear out the room until I start putting books on shelves. Still, I’m going to give it a shot. If it works out, then it will be really cool.

I sort of hate to pitch all these boxes, most of which are in fine shape. There isn’t any nor even a so I’m not sure how to find someone who might could use these things. I guess we’ll break them down and set them aside and hope that we can find someone who needs them. Failing that we’ll try to recycle them, and only in desperation will we send them to the landfill. Between the giant piles of newsprint paper and the boxes, we have a huge amount of easily recyclable stuff that we hope can be reclaimed.

There you have it, the last post on moving. I’ll perhaps put up another photo or three of things after they get straightened up but for now that’s it. On to the future!

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2 thoughts on “The Last Moving Post”

  1. Nan says:

    Try There is a group for Myrtle Beach. You can offer the boxes – I’ve seen similar offerings and would be glad to get the boxes if I was moving myself.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Nan. I did join the Myrtle Beach Freecycle, even though I’m not wild about the mailing list mode of operation. Maybe I can find a home for some of this stuff. As it turns out, Conway has the best curbside recycling in the county so they will take all this stuff right from the house for the boxes that don’t find a home or are not sturdy enough for reuse.

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