Making progress

After a weekend and a few evenings of intermittent work on the office, it is getting there. I’ve actually been doing my regular day job work in it the last two days and tonight I was motivated to make more room and to find my box with all the wires and cables in it so that I can have all the computers and the printer on at the same time. A little bit more work and it should be in pretty good shape.

As you can see on the left, I’ve got these cabinets on the wall which are over my desk. There are six cabinets, each with three shelves so I’ve got a total of eighteen shelves right there to put stuff with the added advantage of doors that can shut to hide it. I’m trying to use this as an aid to getting myself organized. The big problem with something like this is a basic taxonomy problem. Do you first get your system down and then begin putting the stuff in, or do you just kind of jam stuff in and let the categories become apparent afterward? The problem with arranging the system first is that it can take a long time to get it perfect, and then it might not match your stuff anyway. I’ve opted to go for a provisional system, which I’m now using to unload boxes into those boxes. After I get all the stuff in, I’ll reevaluate how it all is and go through each shelf one by one to organize the items well and possibly combine or split categories as needed.

To the upside, my bookcase arrangement idea has worked pretty well. It makes that corner the “library”, in which the books are arranged pretty densely in that one spot. Once the floor is clear of debris, our plan is to put the table that used to be in our breakfast nook in there. With the futon there, a little table and all this stuff it will be kind of like a studio apartment.

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