I downloaded and installed the iPodder AppleScript that Adam Curry has written and been talking about in his blog. It is pretty durned good – I was going to qualify it with “for an MTV VJ” but there is no need for that kind of jokiness, it is good for anyone. I added the RSS feed with enclosures of the Lydon interviews even though it looks like that feed hasn’t been updated since January and none of his new interviews are in it.

I like the iPodder (I don’t have an iPod, I just listen to the stuff via iTunes on my iBook). Here is the one technical problem I ran into, followed by a feature request. While I was first farting around with it, I hit the “Cancel” button on some of the downloads to try to get the thing to stop. Every feed that I did that to never worked right again. Even removing the feeds from the list, deleting the playlist and the directory and starting all over from scratch, the feed would never download anything again. I don’t know why that is, but I humbly suggest that if hitting the cancel button screws things up irreparably, perhaps those quick status boxes shouldn’t have it in there, just an “OK” button.

Here’s the feature request, one that I will probably fulfill myself and send back to Brother Curry (even though digging into AppleScript drives me completely insane with that weird tortured syntax.) He’s got the list of feeds as a variable inside the script, which requires you to edit the script itself to change your subscriptions. That’s a pain in the ass. What I want it to do is have a text file in the “iPodder” directory on the desktop that contains the subscriptions, such that adding a line with a new feed in there makes it effective. In the startup stuff where it sees if the directory exists or needs to be created, I want it to see if the subscription file exists. If not, it will write out a text file with the same feeds that he already has built in. If it does exist, then it reads that file in, one feed per line, and loads the variable with that. Without something like this, any time you install a new version it will be a big ol’ pain in the ass. You’ll have to be sure not to overwrite the old one, because you have to copy and paste your old subscription into the new file, etc. Better to have the subscriptions be separate from the code of the script itself. If I feel the spirit of Elvis move me, I might take a shot at writing that myself tonight.

There you go. Nice work, Eddum. I’m liking the daily source code audio, although the sidebar stream of consciousness parts with the dog and drivers and such are a little hard to take. Still, its your party so who am I to complain about the refreshments? It is inspiring me to maybe do one of those myself. As I unpack the house I’m running across all my old audio equipment from the Reality Break days. Maybe I’ll hook that up and record a post every day. Other than voicing and doing promos for WREK, I haven’t been involved in radio seriously for 6 years now and this might be enough to help me relive my heyday.

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