Working at Home

My workdays are now spent in this office at the house. This is the third major stint of me doing a fulltime telecommute. Each time I do this, while I enjoy and prefer this situation without reservation, I do get a little weird. One thing is the amount that I mutter to myself all day. It’s basically like an ongoing narrative of me talking to myself. I don’t sit in silence all day when I’m here by myself, I’m usually talking just to no one in particular.

I had been taking my MP3 radio programs that get recorded by RadioLover and burning them to CD to listen on the train and at work. Yesterday I just listened to some of those files directly on my iTunes. You can tell when I do, because the “Recently Played Songs” list fills up with radio station names. Because RadioLover saves the ID tags out of the stream, they are usually tagged with the station name. It looks like I’m listening live, but that’s just the canned tags. Yesterday I listend to “Zydeco Est Pas Sale”, the Saturday morning zydeco show from KRVS. I liked cruising around in my pickup, blasting that show from the radio, back when I lived in Lafayette. I’ll admit that while I like zydeco, I’m not the most informed fan of it. It can have a tendency to all sound alike, especially if you don’t speak French. It is fun to listen to, and it made great background for the workday. In previous telecommute stints I have sometimes found myself in the late afternoon, after having worked in silence all day, wondering “Why didn’t I turn any music on?” That shouldn’t be a problem now – I have a two month backlog of radio shows to listen to.

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