Scenes from an Office

On my last day at Orbitz, I was given this little figurine by the guy who was the in-house representative of the Indian based QA testing team. It surprised me a little, because although he’s a good guy and we got along cordially in our professional lives, it wasn’t like we were buddies or anything. He actually was very good at doing his role, and I tried to reciprocate for his professionalism by not doing the typical developer “can’t be my problem” ping-pong thing when he presented me with issues. On our way to my going away lunch, he gave me this thing, a statuette of the Indian god Ganesha. He tells me that Ganesha is the god that presides over new things. Thank you, Dheeraj. I am being watched over from my Mac monitor.

At the bottom of the monitor, we have something different. This guy has been my development mascot for about five years, since I found him in a bargain bin at a toy store. I call him “Senor Muerte, el Luchadore Famoso!” This is tangible evidence that the Chinese people who manufactured this have a very odd idea of what constitutes the anatomy of your typical masked Mexican wrestler. The giant muscle pits inside these thighs are particularly odd. Anyway, the office isn’t really official until Senor Muerte takes his position. Welcome back!

I realy do like working in this office. I used to have toys all over my office, but I didn’t have enough room to display all of them in the office in Atlanta. In Evanston, I never bothered unpacking most of them because I knew I’d probably be repacking them soon enough. After I get the unpacking done of the main stuff, I’m sure will be getting this place all knick-knacked up.

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  1. I just came across your site by “googling” myself, actually– I’m thirteen, and my nickname has been Evil Genius for approximately ten of those years. To your entries, I simply say, rock on.

  2. Thanks Becky. I’m sure there is a story behind you getting that nickname. Feel free to leave it here if you so desire. To you to, rock on.

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