I’m following in footsteps, and have decided to try my hand at audioblogging. I present now my initial attempt at an audio post. I’m not doing this via Audioblog or anything like that, just recording on my iBook and posting it old school. I might try to take a few moments this weekend and put together a Blosxom plugin for doing RSS enclosure feeds of just the audio posts, or figure out how to add that to the regular one or something. The infrastructure might not be solid for a few days, but download and listen and leave a comment letting me know what you think. It’s kind of fun and kind of scary, like all audio and radio work I have ever done has been. It’s cool to hear yourself on the radio, but I can never shake the feeling that I sound far too stupid and goofy to be doing this. Audioblogging makes me feel exactly the same way.

A few links for things mentioned in the audio post:
Audacity, Open Source Audio editing tool
Adam Curry – broadcasting Adonis
KRVS, Radio Acadie in Lafayette LA

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3 thoughts on “Audioblog”

  1. Chris C. says:

    I used Audacity to make my splice-a-thon “best promo ever” (for my WREK Alumni Weekend segment), having downloaded it and figured it out in about an hour one evening. Markus DeShon used it to create his “Illegal Music” show that same weekend (I downloaded it from his server in CA). I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas Hildebrandt used it for his incredible 3-minute WREK ID compilation.

    Anyway, who needs audioblogging to hear our voices in public, we have WREK automation 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Wow, how is it that I’m just now hearing about it? I’m even slower than usual on this one. I’ve used it enough now that I’d have to say it is nearly identical in feature set to the mid 90’s version of SoundEditPro that I was using on the Mac. The only thing Audacity doesn’t do is crash frequently when I’m trying to save 300 Mb AIFF files. The editing of most of those PRSS era Reality Break shows involved at least an hour each of recovering from SoundEdit crashes that lost data and/or locked up the computer. So, I’m not really missing that aspect. The next audioblog will have more production in it, so we’ll see how that goes.

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