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Yet another reason to hate the International Olympic Committee, a heavy handed group of corrupt plutocrats if ever there were. Loic Lemeur links to this article about how all participants of the Olympics are barred from weblogging about it. This includes not just athletes and coaches but support staff! Essentially, they want there to be no information flowing from the games not through one of their sanctioned information gateways. My friends, this is antiquated bullshit. I rage a lot on here about the fading days of Big Media. I am not any happier about the tactics of Big Sports. From the article:

.The Olympic guidelines threaten to yank credentials from athletes who are in violation as well as to impose other sanctions or take legal action for any monetary damages.

That’s right, if you are an Olympian and you blog about your experiences during the Olympics, you can be barred from the games and fined for it. This is completely absurd behavior, and yet another nail in the coffin of my Olympics experience. I already didn’t care much, now I’m going out of my way to see absolutely none of this Olympics and maybe no future ones either. If they want such absolute dictatorial control, they can have it but without me as a willing passive participant. They are worried about losing revenue – they’ve already lost it from me. I’m about one more straw away from assembling a list of all the Olympics sponsors – the ones in whose name the IOC does all their bullshit – and steering my business away from them and towards their competitors.

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