Susi French Connection

Paul Melancon posts that he will be a special guest tomorrow, Saturday August 21 with the Susi French Connection at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur GA. This band is The Gentle Readers (one of my favorites) but undercover as a 70s cover band with special guests and copious fun to be had by all. I went to the SFC show last year and had a blast, singing along to ABBA and such. Maybe this year they’ll play “Chevy Van” or perhaps “The Night Chicago Died”. I wish I could be there, both for the fun itself and to harangue the members of the Gentle Readers to put out another CD since I love their first three so much.

The day after, his new band The Arts and Sciences will be playing at the 99x Unplugged in the Park series at the Park Tavern on the edge of Piedmont Park. Being the pop rebels that they are, they are going to plug their shit in anyway. Yeah! I haven’t had a chance to see this configuration, but if the move away from having Paul’s name be up front and center makes him more comfortable onstage and lets him loosen up and rock out, mores the better. For you folks still in and around Atlanta, check one or both of these events out. It’ll be good for your soul.

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