Shrook Meltdown

Shrook is having serious problems. All day long, I was getting nothing in my feeds. At first I thought it was network related, since I had taken down every part of the network earlier in the day. However, long after my normal connectivity was restored I was still seeing nothing. My client would try to connect and then immediately go to the “Disconnected” state. I went to the web page and this is what you see:

Warning: Too many connections in /www/shrook/functions.php on line 11

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections
in /www/shrook/functions.php on line 11
Unable to Connect to Database

This either is an isolated problem on that server with a runaway process or something boned up, or they have just exceeded what their resources can handle. This kept it from doing anything, because all my channels are set to use distributed checking. I could and just did do a manual check, which worked, but until I noticed that it was just sitting there like a stone.

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