Audioblog for August 23, 2004

The latest episode of the audioblog is now available. As my pal Jonny X requested, I am not using the Sharp Zaurus and its hissy audio for this entry (and the MP3 link will open a new window). I discuss the notion of the “iPod Platform” and how I hope that leads into a world of delicious irony where the RIAA efforts to kill internet radio turn around and bite them in the ass. I discuss a little more about bands I like, and how I have informed Gentle Readers that I use them for a theme song that that “I’m asking for your permission, or at least your forgiveness.” I also discuss how I might one day finally discuss on the blog why I don’t believe in God, and how the audioblog entries make it more likely that I will finally go through with that.

Some links mentioned in this episode:
RadioLover – MP3 stream capturing for Mac OS X
WREK 91.1 FM – Ga Tech Student Radio
KRVS 88.7 FM – Radio for the University of Lousiana at Lafayette (geaux Cajuns!)

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