Streaming Zydeco

From the most recent KRVS email newsletter:

On Saturday, September 4th, KRVS starts an exciting season of live broadcasts of festivals and concerts! At noon on that Saturday, KRVS will broadcast the Zydeco Festival live from Plaisance, Louisiana until 6pm. From 6-7:30pm (CT) we’ll go live from Eunice for Rendevous des Cajuns, and then over to Acadian Village in Lafayette for a live Bluegrass concert featuring Ronnie Reno! Check the Local Events site on the KRVS website for more information on upcoming live broadcasts.

I capture a number of their shows with RadioLover and I’ll capture the entirety of this event. The Rendez-Vouz des Cajuns is one I get every week anyway (a Prairie Home Companion style weekly variety show but mostly in French). If you have any interest in these types of music, I strongly recommend checking out this station. You might even could kick them a few bucks. I’m trying to get organized to send a small contribution to all the various public radio stations that I capture streams from.

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