RSS – It’s All 2.0 Here, Baby!

I couldn’t think of a reason not to anymore, so I converted it such that all RSS feeds on this blog are now 2.0 unless you specifically ask for the 0.91. If your url ends in index.rss20, that’s the RSS 2.0 feed. If it is index.rss, that’s also the 2.0 feed. If for some reason, you explicitly need the 0.91 feed, access that via index.rss091. In fact, if you do please leave me a writeback. I’m really curious about what that situation that would be. I’m thinking that for anyone, this should Just Work. The only difference might be that if you were subscribed to the default feed with an aggregator that supports enclosures, all of the sudden all of the audioblog posts will show up. Otherwise, it shouldn’t impact anyone but please let me know if it does impact you.

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