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Since this is taking off, and a little faster than I expected, I am creating a category for this on the blog. From here on forward, I’m posting everything about it in this category. I do ask everyone that uses this to, if you don’t subscribe to the whole blog RSS here, to at least subscribe to this category. If there is some sort of bug fix or new release, I’ll post it here and then you’ll know about it. Through the miracle of blosxom, you can automatically subscribe to the RSS for any subcategory, and the RSS feed for just this category is here. There will be a release of a 0.1 version (what is out there now I am retroactively calling 0.0) before I go to bed tonight. It will have enough new stuff, including a serious performance tweak, that all current users should upgrade. In addition, it includes what people like Gordon Smith suggested here and make this so that it will work on non Apple platforms. My original conception was that this would be specific to Mac and iTunes, but there is no reason to be that specific. Now, it will work as a downloader for anyone that can have the right Perl stuff installed, on Linux, on Windows (straight or Cygwin), etc. Cool stuff.

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