get_enclosures version 0.1

Here is the updated version of get_enclosures, version 0.1. The zip now includes a changes.txt which covers the differences from the previous version. It now is no longer dependent on Mac::AppleScript, which means it will run without alteration on Linux or Cygwin, etc (it still depends on XML::Simple and LWP). It caches the RSS time so that feeds are not redownloaded unless something has changed since last time. Thanks to Brian Tol you can now get nicely formatted documentation via POD (run “perldoc” to see it.)

Thanks to all who have given suggestions and used this. I highly recommend everyone upgrade to this if you downloaded the previous one, particularly the person who had this on a cron job to download my RSS feed every minute. Thanks, anonymous friend, you reminded me that any reasonable RSS consumer should be using Last-Modified out of etiquette.

Update: That enhancement of not fetching the RSS every time introduced a bug, because I was clearing out URLs from the cache if there weren’t in the RSS feeds. Well, when you don’t fetch the RSS feed at all, there are no URLs in it at all so it was clearing out the cache when nothing was new. For the time being, I have just turned off the cache cleanup altogether. This cache is not going to be getting large relative to an audiofile in any reasonable timescale anyway.

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