iPodder for Windows

Via a comment, Pieter Overbeeke informs me that he has a script for downloading files and controlling iTunes for Windows XP available! This does the same stuff as get_enclosures or iPodder on the Mac, by getting the files and also adding them to the iTunes library.

In the shower this morning, I was wondering if there were COM libraries for Perl that I could use to control Windows iTunes from get_enclosurest. Now that Pieter has invented this wheel, there is no need. If you are on Windows you should definitely give his script a try. More infrastructure for the “iPod platform!”

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One thought on “iPodder for Windows”

  1. Pieter Overbeeke says:

    The latest version of my ipodder for windows script should also update the files to the ipod itself. One problem, i cannot test it since i do not own an Ipod… So if anyone wants to test it , please let me no if the ipod-update-functionallity works: http://www.ipportunities.nl/wordpress/

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