Multiplatform it is!

I let the updated get_enclosures script run overnight on a Windows box with Active Perl installed, and it worked just fine. Right on! There were a few minor issues, but the files all came down, so that’s good.

I tried to test it against Cygwin’s version of Perl but couldn’t get the modules installed. I recently had to wipe and reinstall my Windows 2000 OS because Windows is such a fragile piece of shit that it eats itself over time, and when I did I had to start from scratch. This Cygwin is newly installed, and I get all kinds of make errors trying to install the LWP. It’s really weird because if I go into the build directories and manually run make it works. I’ve never seen this before on any Cygwin install. If some kind soul out there could test this script with Cygwin Perl and let me know how it goes, I’d highly highly appreciate it. I’m not planning on spending any time fighting with Cygwin.

Update: I did get it to work on Cygwin after all, and it seemed to work fine. If anyone has success with this on any other platforms, let me know.

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  1. Pieter Overbeeke says:

    Please check out , Ipodder for windows in windowsscript, no perl or php needed, downloads the enclosures and moves them to the itunes library!.

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