Support Your Local Metadata

Brian Tol pounds on a drum I also hit hard: fill out the ID tags of your MP3s if you put them up for distribution. Brian wants people doing audioblogs to go further and include the date in the filename for ease of sorting. It all makes sense to me. Remember that when you are doing an audioblog, an increasingly common use case is that your file will be one of many that a listener finds in a pile. Do what you can to make it easy on them while listening, for managing this, to find you again if they like your MP3, etc. If it automatically gets added to playlists like all these scripts do, make it easy for someone with iTunes or WinAmp to figure out what this is.

Brian points to the same example I do for how NOT to do it, Christopher Lydon. This guy does interviews I care about, and dealing with the files that you get are a nightmare. The tags are never filled out, the filenames are never dated. If he interviews someone twice, you never know which is which unless you listen, etc etc etc. Make it easy on the poor schmucks you want to listen to your stuff, please.

I’m trying to fill out the tags completely every time and name the files consistently for all the audioblog MP3s. A friend pointed out that I should also consistently include my name and URL spoken in the audioblogs, both in the signon and the signoff, so that if someone is hearing it, they can hear me say who I am and what blog this came from. That also makes sense to me, so I’ll be doing that every time from here on out.

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