Audioblog for August 28, 2004

Here is the audioblog for August 28, 2004. Once again, I recorded this yesterday but didn’t get it assembled until today. I discuss my terminology for “bundles of passion” (and why I completely hate the term “content” in this arena), the IT conversations panel “Living the Broadband Life”, my enclosures plugin, blosxom, and the radio show Sound and Spirit. If you listen, this photo will make perfect sense.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Supernova 2004 Panel – Broadband Life
Sound and Spirit – great radio show (Ellen Kushner is my radio saint)
Blosxom – the weblogging tool that runs this site
Buy Paul Melancon’s album!

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One thought on “Audioblog for August 28, 2004”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Just saw this on an email and thought anyone here in Atlanta might be interested:

    The Arts & Sciences (featuring Paul Melancon)
    King Radio (ex- Scud Mountain Boys)
    Warm in the Wake
    9pm, Thurs, Sept 2
    The Earl
    488 Flat Shoals Avenue

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