Comment Spammers Walk the Earth

I was sitting here working on the laptop when I got a big wad of email. It was the writeback system here telling me I got a comment, 6 of them. By examing them, I could see they were all comment spam. Since I had installed the Blosxom port of the MT anti-spam plugin I hadn’t had a problem but then hadn’t weathered many attempts either. My first thought was that my cron job that updates the blacklist had failed. I checked the blacklist and sure enough, the url in question was in the list. Curious, I thought. However, even as I examined it spam was coming in at the pace of one a minute (hilarious, a comment spammer that obeys netiquette about robot accesses of a web page.) I temporarily blocked the IP address via .htaccess while I tried to sort this out.

I went to my comments page and tried to duplicate the spammers comments, ones that should have been caught. They went through! Damn. I put some print statments into the plugin to write to STDERR what was happening, and I kept loading the page. I could see that it did correctly load the lines from the blacklist, and that it should have been caught. However, I noticed that the printout was double spaced. That ain’t right. I ended my print with a newline, but that implied that their was a newline in the actual variable. I looked at the routine that loaded the list, and sure enough he did not chomp the newline off the end. Since this value was then passed to be the pattern of a regular expression, it was only going to catch the spam if the values it was matching against had a newline after the occurrence of the url in question. I added the chomp line in the routine so that the newline disappeard, and tried to spam it again. Voila, it was caught! Since the spammer was still running amok despite being forbidden, I unblocked him via .htaccess to let the spam fighter try again. Double viola! I began getting the “we rejected comment spam” mails immediately. I don’t know if this bug has been caught in the main line of this plugin, but it certainly needs to be fixed. I’ll be contacting Doug Alcorn shortly.

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