get_enclosures 0.2

Here’s an updated 0.2 release of the get_enclosures script. Added is the more robust caching mechanism based on the dates in the RSS item tag. This release will write out two M3U playlists in every directory that it downloads new files for, one alphabetical and one in reverse chronological order. This allows for ease of use with WinAmp or XMMS. Note that the M3U playlists will be based on everything that is in the directory at the time, so new files will be added to the existing ones. If you have deleted a file, it will not be reflected in the playlists.

You can also comment out a feed by preceding a line with #, which will keep it from being downloaded but without needing to be deleted from the file. This release should also fix issues with duplicates being added to the playlists.

If you are upgrading from a previous release, be sure not to overwrite your feeds.txt file when you unzip this. Either unzip it elsewhere or make a backup copy of feeds.txt so you don’t clobber it. Y’all probably already know this, but I just thought I’d remind.

Update: Thanks to Gordon for pointing out the boned URL. I really need to learn to not push out these things after midnight.

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