Diebold Election Chicanery

From the “Holy Shit” Department comes this story from Black Box Voting. They have found a “flaw” in the Diebold central tabulator systems. By entering a two digit code, you are able to create a second set of votes. This second set of votes can be manipulated and changed, after which the second set will be what is reported. This appears to be less of a security hole, and more of a purposeful back door to allow for fraud. I’m trying to suppress my hot head tendencies, but I’m thinking at the very least this should be enough to get Diebold machines de-certified all across the country, and it seems reasonable to me to begin investigations as to why the company has built in such functionality. Other than creating fraud, what is the use of this? Is this what he was talking about when Walden O’Dell promised to deliver the election to Bush?

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2 thoughts on “Diebold Election Chicanery”

  1. grayarea says:

    hopefully nobody in the Dayley family will get ahold of these machines.

  2. James says:

    I am getting worn down with the constant attempts by segments of this country to suppress and distort the outcomes of elections. I was reading about how 1 million votes in predominantly Black election districts were thrown out during the last presidential election. “Voter error” is commonly cited but neighboring majority White districts had voting machines that caught errors and gave the voter a chance to fix it, the Black votes were just thrown out. I find this sort of thing depressing. I don’t know that I even have the energy to stay mad about it. Well, maybe I do.

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