All Media Manifesto

Here is a much better response to the “Audioblogging Manifesto” than anything I came up with.

so has the internet organically grown to support only one media type, namely plaintext – nope…

do we have only one type of device to access media on the internet, namely a wireline computer – nope…

do we only want to interact with media from one type of source, namely professional media producers – nope…

do we believe that every situation in which we want to interact with media can be fulfilled by one media type, again namely plaintext

It continues. Check it out. Thanks Mike! I just found his nomadic_audio blog today and have added it to the aggregator. He’s writing from the perspective of the person at the other end of the “iPod Platform”, someone who wants to be informed and entertained by keeping his iPod full bundles of passion with the least friction possible. This is a perspective I want to keep up on, so I’m definitely reading what he has to say.

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