Audioblog for September 2, 2004

Here is the audioblog for September 2, 2004. In it I reintroduce myself to the many people who have only recently started listening to this audioblog, tell an anecdote about how the late great Thomas Fuller cajoled me into national syndication for my radio show, and include an excerpt from the exquisite madness that is KRVS’ show “Zydeco est Pas Sale.”

Links to things mentioned in this episode:
Atlanta Radio Theater Company
KRVS – Radio Acadie
Reality Break, my old radio show

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One thought on “Audioblog for September 2, 2004”

  1. Thank you, Dave. The clip you played of “Zydeco est Pas Sale” was the first time I’ve ever heard creole/cajun French. (We don’t get much of that in Canada, eh.) I’m very pleased. 🙂

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