Via Cult of Mac comes this link:

Grady Booch, UML guru and IBM fellow, is dropping IBM products because he wants a Microsoft-free computing environment. He says:

I’ve decided to make the move to a Microsoft-free computing environment, having tired of the time I spend on the care and feeding of XP as compared to my relatively worry-free network of Linux appliances and Macs. My latest acquisition is a 17″ Apple Powerbook powered by the IBM G4 processor which I’ll use to replace my XP laptop and an older G4 tower. In addition to a breathtakingly beautiful form factor, this machine has every feature I need, from DVD-R to Airport and Bluetooth connections. More importantly, there’s no essential application I need that doesn’t run on this platform. In this manner, I’ll avoid the Microsoft operating system tax, although I will break down and install the Microsoft Office suite (which actually is nicer on the Mac than it is on XP). Eclipse runs quite handily on the Mac already, thank you: I’ve been developing beans with it for over a year now.

The 17″ Powerbook he’s going with is a very nice machine. I’m deliriously happy with my downmarket 14″ iBook myself. If I had to, I would accept a ThinkPad with Fedora Core on it but I prefer my iBook. Welcome to the tribe, Dr. Booch!

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