Microsoft Music Slights Pocket PC

According to MS Mobiles, music downloaded from the new MS music service doesn’t play on Pocket PCs. Ouch, that sounds kind of like a spit in the face of all the millions of people who have been paying their $500 bucks for a PDA and staying in the Microsoft camp. Their suggestions are extreme but funny:

For god’s sake: we have now very cheap SD cards (each Windows Mobile supports SD or mini-SD card slot) and we have very fast Windows Mobile devices (200 MHz for Microsoft Smartphone and 624 MHz for Pocket PC) – all with stereo sound output, but stupid Microsoft employees cannot understand that these devices constitute excellent music players and rolled out Music Download service which Pocket PC and Microsoft Smartphone can’t use.

We recommend to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to fire at least 50% of people from Windows Mobile and MSN departments, so they could learn at last to pay more attention what end users really need.

They later published another report that support is promised for the future with the belief that this will be an “iPod killer.” I think they underestimate the sexiness of iPods and the total unsexiness of the MS options.

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