Republicans Outsource Fundraising to India

Via Joi Ito comes this link to an article about how a Republican group was using cheap Indian based labor to make its fundraising calls. What can be more true to form?

The complaint alleged that fund-raising telephone calls from India on behalf of an organisation called the Republican Victory Committee “prompted false, widespread rumours that the RNC was outsourcing its donor phone calls to India”.

The Republican Victory Committee is based in Irving, Texas, the home state of Bush. Republican sources said in private that its promoters have been long-time party enthusiasts. But the political compulsions of outsourcing have now forced the Republican leadership to disown the outfit.

The Texas outfit may have actually got away with its outsourcing exercise if it had not been for the poor training given to Indian telemarketers who handled the job. Sources here said the India-based operation was exposed when one American who received a fund-raising phone call on behalf of the Republican Victory Committee wanted to know where the call was coming from.

“The Washington DC of Virginia,” the caller answered. Washington, the US capital, is actually in DC, short for District of Columbia, and Virginia is its neighbouring state.

Don’t forget, the thing that makes conservatives tick is cheap labor.

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One thought on “Republicans Outsource Fundraising to India”

  1. grayarea says:

    i’m not sure I see what cheap labor has to do with it. A group using a name and initials very similar to the RNC got caught by the RNC.

    the RNC filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, accusing an outfit called the Republican Victory Committee, which operates out of Irving, Tex., of “impersonat[ing] the Republican Party to fraudulently raise money by phone and by mail.”)

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