Audioblog for September 4, 2004

Here is the audioblog for September 4, 2004. Today I discuss more about MP3 metadata and name names of some prime offenders who don’t fill it out, reiterate my appeal for a little help with AppleScript, talk about how the iPod platform machinery could be used professionally to augment or replace satellite program distribution and give a little shout out to the Netherlands.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Christopher Lydon’s Interviews – brilliant but tagless
ccTag – a GUI Creative Commons MP3 license affixor gizzwhickey
AppleScript – I hate this language

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2 thoughts on “Audioblog for September 4, 2004”

  1. Jay says:

    I haven’t been able to play the last two audios. I’m using Windows Media Player 9 and I get this message:

    The input media format is invalid.

    I was always able to listen to the audios before. Have you changed something?

  2. Dave says:

    Adam did a great thing with ipodder, but your show is far superior. If only becuase you can maintain a level audio throught the whole show. I plug my iPod into speakers in my cube when I am at work and nothing is more annoying than when the volume shoots up exexpected. You are the technical superior.

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