Problem Resolved

For those of you who were having problems listening to the audioblog files of the last few days with Windows Media Player, it should be fixed now. As best I can figure, this application is the only one that has problems with the Creative Commons tagged files. Altogether now, “Thank you, Microsoft!” 10,000 programmers and they can’t put out an application that deals with standard formats as well as apps written by two kids in their mom’s basement.

As much as I hate to have the tail wag the dog, I don’t care as much about the CC experiment as making the audioblog usable by everyone that wants to hear it. As of now, the experiment is suspended. I won’t be tagging any more files with the license, and I republished the last three without it. Sigh. I apologize to those of you who use tools that will now download the last three files because they have changed on the server. Blame Microsoft.

Thanks to Doug Kaye, Josh Jacob and Jay for helping me out with a little field QC on a holiday weekend. I appreciate it greatly, compadres.

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