Testing 1, 2, 3

I’m getting reports from folks using Windows Media Player 9 that they haven’t been able to open my last three audioblogs. Oddly coincidental, that’s when I started embedding the Creative Commons license. As an experiment, if you are one of those affected folks, please give this version of the September 4th audioblog a try. It is identical to the other, except for the CC license. If that works for y’all, then I’ll republish the last 3 MP3s without the license, spout some strong obscenities about the absolute crap products Microsoft puts out, and go forward without these licenses. Sigh.

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4 thoughts on “Testing 1, 2, 3”

  1. JW, now you have me confused. I haven’t published the September 6th one yet. I’m still editing it even as I type. If your issue was that you didn’t get one yesterday, I didn’t do one then. Was your original post saying that you didn’t get Saturday’s or for Sunday? I should have today’s published in half an hour or so.

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