New Jill Sobule Album

I’ve liked Jill Sobule for a long time, ever since “I Kissed a Girl” was a hit. I converted from casual to devoted fan when I saw her open for the late great Warren Zevon a few years ago. Her new album Underdog Victorious is coming out this week, and she mailed her list with an appeal for those who are going to buy it to do it the first week. This is the same sort of thing that Bruce Schneier does when he tries to get folks to buy his books from Amazon all at the same time. When a lot rides on the data collection system showing that you are doing well, it never hurts to try to game that system. I’m buying it tomorrow, and by doing it from this link (which is Jill’s affiliate link) I’m trying to get the maximum cash in her pockets. It ain’t easy to be a working musician once you get past the 100 or so top selling artists, so I’m doing all I can to help the lady out.

One cool, fan friendly thing she does is to keep a rotating list of MP3 downloads available on her webpage. Frequently this includes cool rarities, outtakes or unreleased tracks, live performances and so on. Right now, in honor of the new album it includes the first single from all her albums (including the new one.) Give “Cinnamon Park” a listen and if you like what you hear, think hard about throwing Jill a few of your hard earned bucks. Even better, this album is RIAA Safe!

Update: Someone is buying this, it currently is #72 in Amazon sales rank! Right on!

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