Sony Pictures Entertainment Executive Found to Be a Slaver

This story is so weird as to seem unbelievable. James Jackson, vice president of legal affairs at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and his wife, Elizabeth have
been ordered to pay $825,000 to Nena Ruiz, who claims to have been held against her will as an indentured servant.

Under instructions from her attorneys, affiliated with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, Ruiz declined to answer questions from reporters, but she said that Elizabeth Jackson had frequently slapped her and pulled her hair.

During her year at the Jacksons’ home, Ruiz said she slept in a sleeping bag on a “dog’s bed” on the living room floor and ate days-old food, while she prepared fresh food for her employers’ pets.

Remember kids, trading files via P2P is morally unconscionable. If you need to keep a slave or two in your house, though, go right ahead. It’s so hard to find good domestics nowadays that you can’t risk them running off.

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